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Remuneration of contractual staff

The rules concerning the remuneration of contractual staff are set based on the type of contract and/or the reason for recruitment. A remuneration scale is provided for information purposes.

Updated on 15 January 2022 (Last update 02 August 2022)

illustration Remuneration of contractual staff
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For a doctoral contract:1,874 gross monthly

For an internship (Master’s level): €554 gross monthly (indicative amount)

For fixed-term contracts paid through state grants or research contracts:

Employment level Indicative gross monthly remuneration

Research assistant 2nd class (AT)

Between €1 707 et €1 799
Research technician (TR) Between €1 721 et €1 876
Assistant engineer (AI) Between €1 940 et €2 289
Engineer (IE) Between €2 104 et €2 526
Research engineer (IR) Between €2 454 et €3 021
Research scientist (CR) Between €2 604 et €3 040
Research scientist with international experience (CR) Between €2 832 et €3 293


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