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Sports and cultural activities

INRAE works in partnership with ADAS (Association for the Development of Social Activities) to organise various projects of a social, sports or cultural nature for full-tenure, contracted and retired staff. These actions form part of implementing shared activities that can foster personal relationships between all INRAE staff.

Updated on 02 January 2020

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Activities proposed at each Centre

Each INRAE Centre has a local ADAS-INRAE office that organises sports and cultural activities on site, on a daily or weekly basis, at midday or in the evening or in the context of community events. 


Some of our Centres have fully-equipped sports halls and outdoor facilities (shared with other organisations) so that you can attend courses or practice your favourite sport: gym training, yoga, table tennis, zumba, tennis, etc. An annual subscription for these facilities costs €10, while different courses are proposed at very attractive rates.

Depending on your Centre, you can also take part in a variety of cultural activities or handcrafts, such as photography, singing or needlework, or become involved in debates and discussions during book groups or language lunches.

Des actions pour le développement du lien social

Through its actions, ADAS-INRAE favours closer ties among INRAE staff throughout France. It offers cultural and sports events which place particular emphasis on community spirit and encourage creativity and personal development while fostering social links between staff members.


ADAS-INRAE organises sporting and discovery weekends or trips and artistic competitions (painting, photography, etc.).

INRAE staff can meet to discover together new activities outside work and share their passions and hobbies.

Every four years, the sports and cultural Adayades enable several hundred staff members from all horizons to meet at a venue in a relaxing atmosphere that enables the expression of all talents.

> Learn more: website ADAS-INRAE (in French)

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A good work-life balance

To favour a positive work-life balance (private, professional and community activities, etc.), INRAE can offer arrangements and services to facilitate the organisation of your work, support your family events and provide access to holidays and leisure and sports activities.

02 January 2020

A quality workplace

When you join INRAE, you will benefit from excellent working conditions thanks to the Institute’s outstanding premises and facilities and its cutting-edge technological equipment.

02 January 2020

Dedicated and dynamic teams

When you join INRAE, you will be entering a working environment whose quality and diversity are above all based on the constant mobilisation and commitment of the different teams that make up the Institute’s community.

02 January 2020