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Start an apprenticeship

Each year, INRAE offers apprenticeship contracts to young people between the ages of 16 and 29 years and to disabled people without any age limitations.

Updated on 02 January 2020

illustration Start an apprenticeship

Throughout an apprenticeship with INRAE, the apprentice will benefit from methodical and wide-ranging vocational training designed to obtain a vocational qualification in parallel with a diploma or degree. In this context, the apprentice’s supervisor provides support and can transmit his or her know-how and knowledge.

The duration of an apprenticeship contract is at least as long as that of the training course covered by the contract.

INRAE advertises its apprenticeship contracts in around mid-April each year, and the first candidates are recruited as early as May or June.

> See the list of apprenticeships (only in French)
Contact: apprentissage@inrae.fr

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A good work-life balance

To favour a positive work-life balance (private, professional and community activities, etc.), INRAE can offer arrangements and services to facilitate the organisation of your work, support your family events and provide access to holidays and leisure and sports activities.

02 January 2020

A quality workplace

When you join INRAE, you will benefit from excellent working conditions thanks to the Institute’s outstanding premises and facilities and its cutting-edge technological equipment.

02 January 2020

Rights, obligations and code of conduct

As tenured staff, trainee civil servants and contractual employees of INRAE, you benefit from a particular status that comes with various rights and guarantees as well as certain obligations.

02 January 2020